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Our Services

We offer tailored representation services designed to fit the specific needs of your project. 

“Lighthouse Construction Guidance has provided services on behalf of Hesston Schools that we were unable to adequately fulfill ourselves as a school district.  Tucker and Whitney have saved us both time and money in the planning and building of our latest bond project.” Kevin Logan – Superintendent 


Pre-Bond Guidance

Our pre-bond guidance service is unmatched in the industry. We provide cost surety and solutions to programmatic challenges to ensure that your project brings consensus during efforts leading up to a bond. Our team of experts is dedicated to clear communication every step of the way, making your bond campaign effortless and successful.


Preconstruction Guidance

Our preconstruction guidance service is designed to give you peace of mind and confidence in your construction project. We evaluate your project and identify potential risks to ensure a smooth process from start to finish. Our expert team reviews estimates and conducts value analysis, evaluates the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP), and assesses trade partners to ensure that your project is in good hands every step of the way.


Partnering Guidance

Our Partnering Guidance service is designed to help you navigate the complex world of design and construction with ease. Our team will work with you to review qualifications and proposals, field questions and conduct interviews, and guide discussions to ensure that your project is a success. With years of experience in the industry, we know what it takes to get it done.


Construction Guidance 

Our Construction Guidance service provides you with expert support throughout your construction project. We attend meetings, review your budget, and manage vendors, so you don't have to, leaving you free to focus on the bigger picture. And if any problems arise, our team is there to provide quick, effective problem-solving solutions.


Capital Improvement Management

Effective facility management is key in ensuring facilities operate at optimal levels. Our Capital Improvement Management services provide tailored solutions that include facility assessments and replacement cycle plans. Our team of experts are skilled in ensuring you get the best capital improvements strategies that align with your project requirements.

Pre-Bond Guidance 

Facility Investigations – Lighthouse can bring a construction focus to initial facility investigations to point the group in the right direction. As options are developed further investigations will be required to determine viability and value.

Cost Estimates – Cost surety is a major credibility factor. Lighthouse brings the construction cost estimating expertise that is required when committing to a cost and scope with limited information.

Value Analysis – The value analysis process is better with an experienced eye and a creative mind. A second look or challenging the status quo can impact a project by 10%. Lighthouse can provide the high level analysis of cost for project arrangements that show the best value.

Communications – Lighthouse can foster confidence in your project by helping get information out to the public in a digestible format. We will adjust our message throughout bond support to ensure the message is being received.

Schedule Development – Developing a high-level schedule will help the facility team move towards a successful election, and will also help the community understand when the project will be complete and what step of the process we are in.

Facilitate Bond Campaign – Patrons and administration form the backbone of a campaign. Lighthouse can work with you to facilitate this process by providing guidance and supporting the committee through campaign events.

Preconstruction Guidance

Independent Estimate Reviews – The varying level of detail provided by construction firms will require a keen eye to identify risk and cost drivers. Lighthouse is foremost in understanding cost and the driving factors behind them. Lighthouse can reinforce this process by reviewing and evaluating all estimates.

Select Full-Service Estimates – With multiple factors associated with different projects it could prove significant value to select a different delivery method. Design - Bid - Build could provide significant savings. However, the preconstruction process provides significant value as well. With 15 years of skilled estimating experience, Lighthouse can provide select full-service estimates as needed to provide the best of both worlds.

Value Analysis – The value analysis process is better with an experienced eye and a creative mind. A second look or challenging the status quo can impact a project by 10%. Lighthouse is here to provide these services as needed.

Evaluate Guaranteed Maximum Price – When it’s time to sign on the dotted line, you need an advocate that can review all the details, so you know what you’re buying. Lighthouse will be your advocate during the GMP process so you can understand the value and cost associated with everything being offered.

Evaluate Trade partners – So much of a project’s success is driven by trade partners. Lighthouse’s market specific knowledge of regional trade partners will provide you with sound guidance regarding trades performing the work. Lighthouse will review sub lists with design and construction teams to identify the best partners available.

Partnering Guidance

Develop detailed request for qualifications and proposals – Lighthouse will bring additional insight to these documents that benefit the OWNER. You need firms responding to services that matter for each part of the project.

Conduct Pre-proposal meetings – Clear communication of what you are looking for in a partner is important, so everyone is on the same page. “Set the Tone”

Field Questions – You need someone fielding questions that understands the industry and responding in your best interests.

Review Qualifications and Proposals – There will be hundreds of pages of information to review when qualifications and proposals are submitted. Lighthouse will review all proposals in detail to identify values.

Provide Fair Evaluation of Qualifications and Proposals – Lighthouse will provide detailed technical evaluations of the services being offered and potential values. We will meet with you to translate the technical information to your team, so you fully understand what is being offered.

Conduct Interviews – Construction, like anything, is a people business. Lighthouse will set up and conduct interviews with your team and facility team to evaluate the human side of the teams offering services.

Guide the Discussion – There will be much information to review and discuss. Ultimately owners need to pick the partner they view is best for them. Lighthouse will translate the technical evaluations to the group and shine a light on what is being offered while keeping the ultimate decision in the owner’s hands.

Contract Review – Upon selection, a negotiation of contracts will commence. It will be time to get down to brass tacks and Lighthouse is here to represent you in these reviews and negotiations. Contracts should be mutually beneficial, and it is our stance that fair and balanced review in conjunction with your attorney is key to a satisfactory contract.

Construction Guidance

Attend Owner, Architect, Contractor meetings (OAC) –Lighthouse can sit in all the meetings and collect information, so you don’t have to. This information is important for driving decisions and Lighthouse will simplify this information so you can make sound decisions.

Review Pay Applications – Money changing hands is a big deal. It’s your money and transparency with accountability is an absolute. Lighthouse will review all pay applications for construction and design and ensure services billed are services rendered.

Review and Recommend Change Orders – They are going to happen. Preparation is the key to dealing with the inherent issues during a project. Lighthouse will be there to evaluate the change requested, the cost associated with the change, and recommend action.

Cash Flow Reviews – Accountants and Finance Consultants need information on how and when costs will be incurred. This information will prove valuable in planning. Lighthouse will provide information and communicate with the appropriate parties to ensure t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted.

3rd Party Vendor Management – Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment “FFE”; 3rd party testing, utility companies, etc. There will be significant expenditures for your owner with other entities not contracted through design and construction firms. Lighthouse will coordinate all work with these 3rd parties to ensure good collaboration. 

Master Budget Management – An average estimate may have 200-line items that feed into one cost for construction for the project. The master budget could have 30 additional lines for design, 3rd party costs, furniture, etc. Lighthouse will bring its experience managing costs at this level to your project to change what could be daunting into simplicity.

Governing Body Management – Ultimate decision makers need understandable information. They need to see the big picture and the smallest details in a way that they understand. Lighthouse can communicate to groups in a way that provides healthy debate that drives towards consensus.

Problem Solving – This service impacts every facet of a project and cements the value that Lighthouse will bring to the team. Good problem solvers exist at design firms, construction firms and even within an owner’s organization. Lighthouse takes pride in its ability to solve problems. There is something about a team coming together to solve a problem that at first seemed impossible.

Capital Improvement Management

Real World Facility Assessment – Lighthouse will work with your operational staff to identify practical realities surrounding your facility conditions. We will engage appropriate partners to identify specific actions needed to maintain your facility and sort through all the data to prioritize your needs. 

Replacement Cycle Planning Assistance – Dwight D. Eisenhower says "plans are useless, but planning is indispensable". When the needs outweigh the resources, planning helps communicate to the community that you are protecting their investment. This is vital in any future capital funding requests. 

Funding Forecasting – Capital improvements are all a function of needs over time and how it relates to funding mechanisms. Whatever your situation, this math equation ultimately can help guide improvement funding realities and give you an understanding of how to make decisions if priorities change. 

Purchasing and Execution Strategies – Lighthouse provides extensive purchasing and execution strategies on a large scale. Another value is utilizing our expertise in this area on the small scale. We can advise and assist you on how to purchase and execute smaller projects with an appropriate level of risk and reward. 

Construction guidance is teaming with experts to accomplish your mission. 
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